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Do it now there is no time to waist in your precious short life. You complain you need to save up money, your too busy, you have kids, you work a full-time job. Well, guess what, that is every single one of us, and your life just gets more hectic. You will be saying this […]

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Dear My Exhausted Mom’s, Your Freaking Awesome

Let me fill you in on a little 411. As moms we tend to do everything, we are the heart of the family, the heart of the home, we are continuously going, continuously worrying, forgetting things till the last minute. Our minds run a million miles a minute, going in a thousand different directions. Do […]

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The Top 8 Timeless Christmas Stories for Kids

As a child, one of my favorite things to do at Christmas was reading timeless Christmas stories with my parents.  Whether or not it’s a favorite classic or a modern day favorite, we tend to go back to these books every year making them a part of our family Christmas traditions. These Christmas books have continued […]

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7 Insane (But True) Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom

So let’s be real, you and your partner used to be the freak in the sheets, look at each other, and go straight to the bedroom at any time during the day, right?  Time has passed your relationship has fully ripened and it just seems to be getting less exciting, almost like making it a […]

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Don’t be so Passive Aggressive You Just Made Yourself Look Like a Fool!

LOL, OK here it goes.  If you are so brainless that you choose to call someone else “White Trash”, just remember that actually makes you the narrow-minded bigot!  Not to mention racist!  Keep it classy honey learn some intelligent vocabulary instead of referring to someone as white trash that definitely is not! “White Trash”,  hmm do you know the […]

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Not at Walmart are You Kidding Me?

NO!!!!!!! Rule #1 – You must NOT wear stilettos in Walmart, especially pushing a buggy with three kids in it all under the age of 6 and hunched over just to reach the handlebar to push the buggy!  Come on people, we may be in the age of the young and dumb generation, but why keep […]

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