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Unscensored Thought’s

Thought’s that may arise from public interaction, media, or stupid people. JS

Don’t be so Passive Aggressive You Just Made Yourself Look Like a Fool!

LOL, OK here it goes.  If you are so brainless that you choose to call someone else “White Trash”, just remember that actually makes you the narrow-minded bigot!  Not to mention racist!  Keep it classy honey learn some intelligent vocabulary instead of referring to someone as white trash that definitely is not! “White Trash”,  hmm do you know the […]

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Not at Walmart are You Kidding Me?

NO!!!!!!! Rule #1 – You must NOT wear stilettos in Walmart, especially pushing a buggy with three kids in it all under the age of 6 and hunched over just to reach the handlebar to push the buggy!  Come on people, we may be in the age of the young and dumb generation, but why keep […]

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What is Your Job Title Again?

If you have your job title listed on your social media as: CEO at Hustling Chief Executive Officer at Self Employed Loader at “Loading Haters” CEO at Yo Momma Owner at Making that Dough You have a serious case of dumbass-ness no kidding!  Unless you’re in grade school you have no reason to be using stupid […]

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Cheating Spouse it’s Time To Go!

This goes for both a cheating wife and a cheating husband you cheat once you will cheat again, for me you might as well pack your shit and keep on moving!  If you have an affair and go on to marry the “so-called” love of your life..if she/he was that important to you, you would break it […]

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If you feel you easily get offended, or butthurt because of the truth, this category is not for you.  If you don’t do jokes, laugh, or have fun, this category is not for you.  If you read something and you think it’s about you, well, most likely it is so this Category is JUST for you!  Keeping it Real, keeping it 100, keeping it Honest!