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Cheating Spouse it’s Time To Go!

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This goes for both a cheating wife and a cheating husband you cheat once you will cheat again, for me you might as well pack your shit and keep on moving!  If you have an affair and go on to marry the “so-called” love of your life..if she/he was that important to you, you would break it off before the new relationship was started! Who’s to say they wouldn’t do that to you?  This happens, I have seen with my own two eyes WAY TOO many times.  If your providing for your family like a real partner, EITHER way, you do not have time to cheat!  Work, kids practices, homework, grocery shopping, cleaning, yard work, second jobs, overtime (tracking device JS, PLUS A STALKERISH wife as I have to be) SO Yes, I know my husband has never cheated for REAL!), family time, occasional flowers to each other not on holidays/birthdays/anniversaries, dinner time, game night, movie night, need I say more. 

If you have time to cheat your not providing something for your me you will end up like Bernadine (Angela Bassett)  Best Iconic scenes of all time!  This does NOT just go for men, this is also for women!  Great movie you should watch it! “Waiting To Exhale”. 

Yep, and there it is…#REALTALK

Until we meet again my friend’s happy wife, happy life!  Look out for my upcoming Blog “Top Signs of a Cheating Spouse”

-Heather, The 411 Addict

If you feel you easily get offended, or butthurt because of the truth, this category is not for you.  If you don’t do jokes, laugh, or have fun, this category is not for you.  If you read something and you think it’s about you, well, most likely it is so this Category is JUST for you!  Keeping it Real, keeping it 100, keeping it Honest!

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