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Don’t be so Passive Aggressive You Just Made Yourself Look Like a Fool!

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LOL, OK here it goes.  If you are so brainless that you choose to call someone else “White Trash”, just remember that actually makes you the narrow-minded bigot!  Not to mention racist!  Keep it classy honey learn some intelligent vocabulary instead of referring to someone as white trash that definitely is not!

“White Trash”,  hmm do you know the actual definition of the word?  If not please don’t refer to someone as white trash when you have no clue who they are, who their family is, where they are from, and their education level.  Please look at the definition in Wikipedia.  It explains the actual definition, and how it became about, in which it does not refer to an individual that comes from a predominant family, one who has never been in trouble with the law, has never been on drugs, and one who is very well educated, JS!!!!!!  FYI, you just got laughed at because you, my dear, have NO CLUE what you are talking about.  It is quite evident that a literature and history class would do you some good, LOL!  Until next time my friends, which will probably be tomorrow, ignorance comes by the plentitude these days!  Keep it real, but keep it classy.

Yours Truly,


If you feel you easily get offended, or butthurt because of the truth, this category is not for you.  If you don’t do jokes, laugh, or have fun, this category is not for you.  If you read something and you think it’s about you, well, most likely it is so this Category is JUST for you!  Keeping it Real, keeping it 100, keeping it Honest!

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