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7 Habits that Annoy the Piss out of me!

When it comes to the top 7 habits that can really get the best of me…well…I have no problem telling you what they are, immediately.  

I’m the type of girl that can handle pretty much anything.  Most behaviors I can handle but there is a very thin line between keeping me sane or praying for Jesus to take the wheel.

I think we can agree that some people have inconceivably ANNOYING habits!  We all have some kind of annoying habit that we should work on, but I swear it’s the habits that people are completely oblivious to that is the most aggravating… like an itch that can’t be scratched!

We are taught not to judge but just so you know.. I will judge you if I happen to see any participation in one of these peevish ways…I apologize in advance.  Yes, maybe it’s a personal abnormal trait that you are completely clueless about…but it’s not normal and I’m here to make you aware! 

Pay close attention because these unacceptable top 7 habits really annoy the PISS out of me.  If it annoys me, I’m sure it annoys someone else.  Save us all bail money and just stop doing it!


1. Eating with Your Mouth Open

Come on people, have you ever watched a pig eat?  Imagine that pig being you!  Nobody wants to hear the smacking, chewing, or crunching of the grub that you are consuming and will later digest!  Close your mouth it’s disgusting!


2. Popping/Smacking your Gum

SO EXASPERATING!  I can’t stand it when someone pops their gum with their teeth and chews it with their mouth open.  This makes the worst smacking noise known to mankind!  If you’re trying to piss me off, that’s how.  That sound gets stuck in my head and no matter how loud I turn my headphones up, I still hear it.


3. Over Talking me

Anyone that interrupts or talks over others is just a pure DOUCHE!  This will absolutely drive me up the wall.  If you ask me a question and I start to answer, don’t interrupt me because your ADHD decides to kick in and you’re ready to talk about something else! 

Just so you know you may get slapped. Next thing, don’t expect me to tell you what I was trying to tell you.  I’m done!  I won’t be wasting any more oxygen on that conversation!

Learn your manners before entering into a conversation.  If someone is talking, this is your first clue “DON’T SPEAK” just listen, you will get your chance.


4. Making Everything About You

Nothing irritates me more than trying to talk to someone or sharing an exciting experience…then it happens, that single-minded, center of attention birdbrain turns the entire conversation around about themselves!  Anyone that has the urge to be the focal point of the room needs some counseling because that is the most abrasive habit ever! 


5. Tailgating Me Early in the Morning

First of all, I am NOT  a morning person!  If I’m already going 10 miles over the speed limit at 7 am and you’re tailgating me, that really pisses me off.  WTF dude are you that in a hurry to get to work because I am sure as hell NOT!

Here’s a bright idea, leave earlier if you want to be the first one to turn the lights on at work.  That shit’s for the birds!   


6. Constantly Complaining

Coming in at number 6 of habits that annoy me… CONSTANTLY COMPLAAAAINING… and I say this with the most utter dramatizing voice EVEEEER! 

If you feel like the odds will never be in your favor…schedule a meeting with your therapist.  Nobody wants a negative nancy around bringing them down.  Honey, we have our own problems and worries we don’t need yours too.

Constant complaining and pessimistic attitudes is a sure way to decrease your friend circle.


7. The Novelist

Texts messages should be set to 280 max characters just as Tweets are, just saying.  If you tend to write a book when texting, remember this, there is a great feature you can use…It’s called the ACTUAL PHONE! 

Personally, I would like to hear your story rather than trying to read a lengthy Novel in a text or many broken up texts that don’t always come through in order!


There you have it my friends, please stay away from these annoying 7 habits.  I am done…that is all…

Yours Truly,

The 411 Addict