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About the Author

Hey yall!  Welcome to my blog!

So you want to know about me? Ok, here it goes. I am a writer, poet, blogger, full time working, exhausted mom to a teenager and wife to a man child. I provide a taxi service on demand for free (watch me start charging these kids).  House chef, that would be me (even if it’s fish sticks and macaroni and cheese).  Also, the sports mom that runs back and forth to practices, games, and tournaments. Do you think I am in a good mood a lot?  LOL, hell no!

Don’t bother calling me because I NEVER answer my phone, for one, my phone stays on mute because put it this way, my daughter’s mouth is enough to hold me over a lifetime. Texting, yea sometimes, but not guaranteed, messaging on messenger, don’t count on it for a few days.

I also mother 4 animals, two cats, and 2 dogs, in which they all have separation anxiety that makes me want to scream, one being my male cat who insists on sleeping on top of my head, apparently he thinks it’s his pillow. No worries, I’m used to no sleep, I am a mom, right?

Mom’s don’t sleep, right?

Walking in my house after work every day is like being bombarded for the last bit of drinking water on earth! Can’t forget about the animals and the rest of the family thinking mom bathroom time is time for a social gathering. Yep, you got it, the typical mom life!

OH, Shit!  Sorry, where are my manners?  Oh yea, I left them back in the labor and delivery room years ago!

Let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Heather Danielle Gantt, a published poet, blog and freelance writer on,  THE REAL WORLD.  No sugar coating I tell it like it is!  Happily married to my best friend Toney Gantt Jr., sharing four kids between us, my life can be crazy especially having a teenage daughter in the house!

Shockingly, my life is perfect even on our bad days, and by perfect, lol, I mean crazy who am I kidding, no tea drinking, pinky up going on in this house!

Writing poetry and drawing has been a part of my life since grade school. My writing started more often to cope with my depression, which I have been suffering on and off for over a decade now.  Writing and drawing really help me overcome those bad days.  The days that tend to just pop up at random times, and honestly at the worst of times.

When I write, it’s not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, or maybe don’t want to hear and if so leave now!  I will apologize beforehand if I offend you, I really am not trying to!  I have a weird sense of humor, a mixture of sarcasm and deadpan.  Don’t say I did not warn you!

Bringing your thoughts to life, and letting your voice be heard is what I do.   Yes, I say what you are thinking but just can’t get the nerve to say, no worries I got you! 😉

Although, I really push to find that strong Independent woman in me and proceed to help others do the same. Success is always my main goal, helping people better themselves and grow is a passion of mine.  I always try my hardest at everything I do and expect that from others as well.

Remember, we make the image of who we are as a person.

Enjoy my Blog and subscribe, it’s completely free.  Please do not forget to share!  Please comment, I love to hear from everyone!

Yours Truly,

Heather D. Gantt