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Quotes to Live By

Daily Quotes by Heather Gantt

Life is Hard

Yes, Life is hard sometimes, but no matter what your situation there is someone that is in worse shape than you are. I read the best quote today and could not have fit more perfectly. “Happiness is not the absence of problems, its the ability to deal with them.” – Unknown

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Words Hurt More Than Actions

Experiencing verbal abuse is something no one could possibly explain. Hopes that you will never have to deal with this abuse nor any other. Just remember, words will always hurt more than actions. – Heather Gantt, The 411 Addict

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23 Memorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

Martin Luther King Jr.’s words were spoken with the hope that the future for African Americans would be brighter and that they would finally be given the equality they deserved. He dreamed of a day that all man would be created equal, and be able to sit at the dinner table as brothers and sisters. […]

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Quote of the Day

Do it now there is no time to waist in your precious short life. You complain you need to save up money, your too busy, you have kids, you work a full-time job. Well, guess what, that is every single one of us, and your life just gets more hectic. You will be saying this […]

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Quote of The Day

Friendships will always find their way back.

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