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Wellness & Beauty

What You Should be Doing to Live Your Best Life

What should you be doing to live your best life? I am quite certain you have heard the phrase “live your best life”. Do you still question your purpose in life, what you should be doing or what you should have done? Do you constantly tell yourself “if I could go back in time, I […]

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15 Tips On How To Help You Fall Asleep At Night

  Do you suffer from Insomnia or ever just find yourself laying in bed just staring at the ceiling?  No worries, you are not the only one.  I myself suffer from Insomnia, and when you’re laying there thinking about work the next morning, kids sports games, practices, and all of our other duties as a […]

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10 Beauty Tips You Must Know About

Have you been searching for beauty tips, and ways to look younger longer? What about ways that do not have to do with eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water? We know this! We just want simple tricks, and tips to look gorgeous, right? With a little research and adding some of my own experience’s […]

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15 Different Benefits of Honey That I Bet You Don’t Know About

Did you know that honey is full of Cancer-fighting agents, antioxidants, energy, and helps with faster healing processes? Truth be told, one investigation demonstrated that everyday utilization of the nectar prompted enhanced blood cell reinforcement levels. We all are aware of honey used in foods and used as an alternate sweeter such as coffee. What […]

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20 Reasons Why You Should Workout Today and Not Tomorrow

Are you like millions of people struggling with motivation to get up and start working out?  I know I do!  I struggle every single day!  Seriously “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL GUYS”.  I have decided to come up with reasons why I should start my workout routine today rather than tomorrow or the next day!  We […]

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