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Summing up Teenage Parenting

Summing up teenage parenting is like thinking you can squeeze into those old favorite jeans of yours. In reality, you can’t even get them past your thighs. Furthermore, I will attempt to make you aware of as much as possible, but, you will only really know when you actually experience it! LOL, good luck mom […]

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The Top 8 Timeless Christmas Stories for Kids

As a child, one of my favorite things to do at Christmas was reading timeless Christmas stories with my parents.  Whether or not it’s a favorite classic or a modern day favorite, we tend to go back to these books every year making them a part of our family Christmas traditions. These Christmas books have continued […]

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100 Fun Activity Ideas To Do With Your Kids

Investing purposeful meaningful time with your youngster’s can never be replaced. Regardless of the amount of the toys they may have, the money you give them, and buying them things all the time.  It will never measure up to just being with you. Do I spend each waking minute connecting with my children? No – […]

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Parents Share Their Funniest Kid Stories

We all tend to go through life thinking we have a pretty normal family, right?  LOL, we are all far from Right!  Wait till you have kids if you have not already.  Kids definitely put a different perspective on life.  They learn, hear, see, and know a lot more than you think they do!  Kids […]

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How Can We Stop CyberBullying and Help Prevent It?

If you have not read my first blog on this subject, you should go back, and read the first one, “Top 15 Signs Your Child Is  A Victim Of Cyberbullying” Parents you can help stop cyberbullying.  No, I am not saying stop everything that you are doing, and find out where the person lives, so […]

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Mom’s 10 Commandments For Teen Survival

  1. Thou Shalt Not Walk In Your Teens Room Without Back-up, Febreze! 2. Thou Shalt Not Speak Until You Have Had Your First Cup of Coffee! 3. Thou Shalt Not be Silent When Your Childs Room Smells Like Feet! 4. Thou Shalt Not be Silent When Your Child Smells Like Feet! 5. Thou Shalt Not […]

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Top 15 Signs Your Child Is a Victim Of CyberBullying

I would have to say a lot has changed since we were kids.  Playing outside in the woods, building forts, and just making up games to have a good time.  Today, kids are nose deep in the technology world.  Play stations, Xbox, The Wii, Online games, computers, smartphones, and many other technological devices.  With this […]

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Dangerous Teen Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

Whether you grow up in the age of cell phones or not, every parent knows it can be extremely tough keeping track of teenage language! We all need to realize that although our kids are great and do well in school, this does not make them invincible to being a part of inappropriate conversations or […]

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Top 12 Words Your Teen May Use This Year

After researching and listening to my daughter and all her friends talk constantly, I have finally come to an understanding of some of the words the kids are using these days!  If you have a teenager or know one, I am almost positive you have heard some of their outlandish languages, and just like me […]

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Is Your Baby’s Teeth Keeping Them Awake at Night?

Every parent looks forward to seeing their baby’s first tooth come in, but are you ready for those teething wake up calls, right after your baby just begins to sleep through the night? Many of us parents expect their little bundle of joy to start cutting their first tooth around 4-6 months.  According to Dr. […]

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