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Taking Control of Your Mail Clutter

Do you keep piles of mail and junk mail? Is it taking over your kitchen counter, desk space, or even your drawer in the bedroom? Let’s just say the most exciting part of my day is getting tons of mail in the mailbox! NOT!! Clearly, it’s time for you to start taking control of your […]

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Summing up Teenage Parenting

Summing up teenage parenting is like thinking you can squeeze into those old favorite jeans of yours. In reality, you can’t even get them past your thighs. Furthermore, I will attempt to make you aware of as much as possible, but, you will only really know when you actually experience it! LOL, good luck mom […]

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What You Should be Doing to Live Your Best Life

What should you be doing to live your best life? I am quite certain you have heard the phrase “live your best life”. Do you still question your purpose in life, what you should be doing or what you should have done? Do you constantly tell yourself “if I could go back in time, I […]

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When Life Gets Hard Take Action!

“You’re going to go through tough times – that’s life. But I say, ‘Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.’ See the positive in negative events.” – Joel Osteen Life gets hard. Let’s admit, hard times happen. Sometimes at the most inconvenient time possible. Trials and tribulations will be part of our lives forever, […]

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23 Memorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

Martin Luther King Jr.’s words were spoken with the hope that the future for African Americans would be brighter and that they would finally be given the equality they deserved. He dreamed of a day that all man would be created equal, and be able to sit at the dinner table as brothers and sisters. […]

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Shit, I Think I’m Killing It!

Over the years I have continued to wonder who I was, who I wanted to be or become. All I knew was I wanted to be the best I could be and then set those goals to succeed even further. I consider myself to be strong, independent, don’t take shit from anyone, very opinionated, move on […]

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Dear My Exhausted Mom’s, Your Freaking Awesome

Dear, my Exhausted mom’s, let me fill you in on a little 411. As moms we tend to do everything. We are the heart of the family, the heart of the home. We are continuously going, continuously worrying, forgetting things till the last minute. Our minds run a million miles a minute, going in a […]

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The Top 8 Timeless Christmas Stories for Kids

As a child, one of my favorite things to do at Christmas was reading timeless Christmas stories with my parents.  Whether or not it’s a favorite classic or a modern day favorite, we tend to go back to these books every year making them a part of our family Christmas traditions. These Christmas books have continued […]

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7 Insane (But True) Ways to Spice Up the Bedroom

So let’s be real, you and your partner used to be the freak in the sheets, look at each other, and go straight to the bedroom at any time during the day, right?  Time has passed your relationship has fully ripened and it just seems to be getting less exciting, almost like making it a […]

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You Might Be A Redneck if…

From the beginning when Jeff Foxworthy’s redneck jokes became unexplainably popular, it became a huge comedy phenomenon moving to “Blue Collar TV” which included Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry The Cable Guy. If You’re from the South YOU know about the “Good Ol’ Boys”.   From the drinking and smoking jokes of White, to the personal experiences of the crew, you […]

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