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10 Beauty Tips You Must Know About

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Have you been searching for beauty tips, and ways to look younger longer? What about ways that do not have to do with eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water? We know this! We just want simple tricks, and tips to look gorgeous, right? With a little research and adding some of my own experience’s to the mix, I will provide you with eight easy beauty tips that everyone should know about. Don’t forget to share with your friends.



10 Beauty Tips You Must Know About


1.) Baby Oil or Conditioner For Shaving Cream

You are in the shower go to press the nozzle for the shaving cream, and nothing! Of course, you don’t realize you’re out till you go to use it the shower? What makes it worse your legs must be shaved tonight for a date? You’re in panic mode, and don’t want razor burn. Have no fear, if you have some baby oil or conditioner, you are good to go! Coat your legs really good with either one that you may have and shave as you normally do.





2.) Foundation Brush is Key

So everyone wants to get the makeup sponges, why? In reality, makeup sponges are very costly, soak up all your makeup, and not even half of it end up on your face. You will end up spending more on makeup brushes and makeup in the end. DO NOT DO IT! Get you a foundation Brush. The brush will spread more evenly over your face, you use less makeup, and the brush is very easy to clean.



3.) Do Not Pop Pimples

I am sure you have heard it, and I am telling you again. Do not pop those pesky pimples with your fingers. Take a warm washcloth when the head is white, and if it is ready, the puss will come out on it’s on. Popping pimples with your hands allows bacteria to enter the open area, and can cause more pimples, infection, and increase your chances of scaring. Remember your hands are the dirtiest part of your body and hold the most bacteria, you do not want that near an open pimple! If you are really wanting to get rid of it, try using an organic toothpaste, spread a little over a pimple for the night, rinse off with warm water the next day, and your pimple should be smaller in size and redness reduced. Do not depend on the toothpaste to completely get rid of it, but it does help pull the bacteria out of your pores, dries your skin out to reduce the size. Jell toothpaste does not do so well, so use organic if you are trying this method.


4.) Cut Back On Shampooing

This is the golden rule for me. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, yes I promise you I am not lying. Shampooing your hair can dry it out quick causing major split ends. Try using dry shampoo, which I always keep on hand. The natural oils in your hair by not washing frequently make your locks look shinier and healthier when your hair wash day comes up. In between washes just spray on some dry shampoo in the oiliest spots of your hair, massage and brush out. Good as new, no one will be able to tell it has not been washed and even has a freshly washed scent!


5.) Brushing Your Hair Before Bed

We have seen it in old movies and heard it from our grandparents, brush your hair from the root to the ends every night before you go to bed. They were absolutely right about this, and no myth here. Brushing your hair from root to the ends spreads your hairs natural oils throughout your hair giving it the vitamins and oils it needs to stay healthy. This also helps your hair grow faster if this is a goal you are shooting for.




6.) Ice Water To Dry Your Nails

Are you in a hurry, and decided to paint your nails at the last minute?  Put some an ice water in a bowl and dip your nails.  This will help them dry a lot faster.





7.) Face Oil To Re-Freshen Your Makeup

While we all tend to go straight to the powder to freshen our makeup, next time try a couple drops of face oil.  This freshens your makeup and gives you a natural glow says Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets.





8.) Use a T-Shirt to Dry Your Hair

Instead of grabbing the towel after you get out of the shower, I have learned that using a t-shirt causes way less breakage and way less frizz.








9.) Wash Your Face

Remember to always wash your face even if you can barely stay awake.  You have to remove all that dirt and makeup from your pores.  This can cause pimples to break out, and even skin irritations.







10.) Wanting more to Add More Curl to Your Eyelashes?

Try heating your eyelash curler for a couple of seconds before you use on your eyelashes.






Looking for beauty tips can sometimes be very hard, especially ones your not too sure about, and wasting time, and money on the ones that don’t work. Whether you are putting on sunblock to protect your face or letting your hair air dry as much as possible to avoid too much heat exposed, taking care of your skin, and health is the most important thing to staying beautiful even as we age. You’re never too young to be beautiful.

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