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10 Tips You Must Know While Packing For Your Camping Trip

Are you planning a camping trip soon? It’s always better to be more prepared than under prepared, especially if you planning on taking kids. Let me help you out. I have researched, and put together some of the best tips you should know before heading out on into the great outdoors!

10 Tips You Must Know While Packing For Your Camping Trip


1.) Freeze Your Water Bottles

Freezing your water bottles/containers before packing them up, you can use them to keep your food cold in the cooler.


2.) Keep the Mosquitoes Away 

When you are making your list for the grocery store, make sure you have sage on that list. Adding a bundle of sage to a campfire is sure to keep the mosquitoes away.


3.) Keep the Kids Entertained

What better time to conduct a scavenger hunt than on a camping trip! This will keep the kids engaged, busy, and better yet, will wear them out!
 4.) Don’t Forget The Aluminum Foil 

If you want to grill some good food while camping, make sure you take the aluminum foil. This makes it easy to make cheesy fries, warm s’more granola for the kids, breakfast burritos, veggies to go with your meat, and so much more! Make sure to look up easy aluminum foil grilling recipes before your trip.


5.) Cheese Wrapped in Wax

Did you know cheese that is wrapped in wax last a lot longer, and is less likely to go bad while camping? Time to stop up on your wax cheese!

 6.) Camping pancakes

Does your family love pancakes even when camping? Here’s a tip: Fill some baggies with prepared pancake batter, and clip or tie off the end. When your ready to cook, clip off the small end to make a piping bag, and squeeze like our fixing to decorate a cake.


 7.) Medicine Carrier

Even though its time to have fun and get away from the real world for a while, don’t forget your medicine, and any Tylenol or Benadryl you may need while camping. Just another idea, you can also use these medicine carriers for spices so you don’t have to take a lot of spice bottles that take up the room.


 8.) Scrambled Eggs In a Container

When your camping, yes we need to eat, but we want to do minimal as possible, especially when you’re attempting to keep up with that 3-year-old running around the campfire. Try this: Pre-mix your scrambled eggs and pour them in a container. When your ready to make your eggs in the morning, open the container, pour, and cook. Baam!


9.) First Aid Kit 

This should be the first thing that is packed when getting ready for your Camping trip. Anything could happen, kids fall running, we burn ourselves cooking over the fire, and bugs bite. Non the less, pack your first aid kit.

 10.) Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher tends to be a big necessity that we forget to pack. Remember, your going camping, which involves campfires. Campfires can get out of control. Make sure you make your camping trip a fun, but safe one.
 There you go, now what are you waiting for its time to get ready for your camping trip!  Happy Camping!>

Yours Truly,