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100 Fun Activity Ideas To Do With Your Kids

Investing purposeful meaningful time with your youngster’s can never be replaced. Regardless of the amount of the toys they may have, the money you give them, and buying them things all the time.  It will never measure up to just being with you.

Do I spend each waking minute connecting with my children? No – a long way from it. I have confidence in the benefit of educating my kids to have individual play time as well.  They have to learn that someone will not always be with them to keep them entertained at every waking moment.  All things considered, I have a house to keep up, grown-up connections to cultivate, and additionally a drive to seek my individual advantages and business interests. I do, in any case, try to invest a few standard openings of energy with them day by day.

Do you ever get stuck wondering, what should we do?  Or, what is there to do, and the kids screaming “IM BORED”? Of course, every parent does.  Today’s society has put us into a technological world where we have almost forgotten how to have fun, find games to play, free things to do, just going outside, and enjoying the grass between our toes.

I have compiled a list of 100 different fun activities for kids that I used to do as a child, and things I have done with my children as well.

100 Fun Activities For Kids

  1. Go Bowling
  2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  3. Draw/Color together
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Play Simon Says
  6. Bake sugar cookies and decorate
  7. Play Dress Up
  8. Turn the music on and dance
  9. Wash the cars together
  10. Go swimming Indoor/Outdoor
  11. Paint
  12. Watch a Movie Together with popcorn
  13. Build a fort in the living room
  14. Surprise your child for lunch at school
  15. Go to the park
  16. Go outside and play with the dog
  17. Go to the mountains for the day
  18. Go to the museum
  19. Visit the Library and pick out a book
  20. Go to the movies
  21. Go out for ice cream
  22. Cook dinner together
  23. Finger Paint
  24. Have a water balloon fight
  25. Plant flowers together
  26. Play Hide and Seek
  27. Take a hike
  28. Take the dog for a walk
  29. Visit the Fire Station
  30. Go to the mall
  31. Visit the Pet store and look at the pets
  32. Make hand puppets
  33. Go rock hunting in the creek
  34. Go out Leaf hunting for different fall leaves
  35. Go camping
  36. Fly a Kite
  37. Go for a bike ride together
  38. Play Simon Says
  39. Play basketball or any sport
  40. Play Mario or any gaming system you may have
  41. Tell jokes
  42. Play “I Spy”
  43. Go outside and lay on a blanket when its warm and stare at the stars
  44. Look for four-leaf clovers
  45. Read together
  46. Tell stories about when they were babies
  47. Sidewalk Chalk
  48. Hop Scotch
  49. Pay FourSquare
  50. Teach them about birds
  51. Create a science experiment, like the baking soda volcano
  52. Start a scrapbook together
  53. Take Pictures
  54. Visit Relatives
  55. Visit the neighbors
  56. Visit a nursing home
  57. Write a story together
  58. Go Fishing
  59. Catch lightning bugs
  60. Jump Rope
  61. Exercise Together
  62. Just go outside and run around
  63. Play tag
  64. Build a snowman
  65. Make snow angels
  66. Have a picnic
  67. Play a board game
  68. Sing
  69. Go through old baby pictures
  70. Go roller skating or ice skating
  71. Rearrange their bedroom together
  72. Make bracelets
  73. Make Christmas tree ornaments
  74. Decorate Pine Cones for Christmas or just to put around the house
  75. Go to the dollar store, and let them pick out one thing
  76. Make a tie-dye shirt
  77. Decorate Stockings for Christmas
  78. Make mud pie’s outside, just don’t eat them lol
  79. Paint Rocks and go hide in the community
  80. Have the kids help clean
  81. Role Play as Ghost Hunters
  82. Put on a play together
  83. Make s’mores/Roast marshmallows
  84. Have a camp out in the backyard
  85. Have a camp out in the living room
  86. Create an alphabet treasure hunt
  87. Have a Lemonade Sale
  88. Play Red light, Green Light
  89. Have a tea party and invite all the stuffed animals
  90. Play cowboys and Indians, and use the furniture as your cover
  91. Have an indoor picnic on a rainy day
  92. Do a paper mache project
  93. Play restaurant with the kids, let them create a menu, and cook
  94. Go see a play together
  95. Lay outside and see what animals/shapes you can find in the clouds
  96. Go to Goodwill, Dollar store, or find some old frames to decorate for presents for the family
  97. Make Homemade Slime
  98. Make a tie Blanket together
  99. Write an early letter to Santa to see if you are being good this year
  100. Just go outside, run, laugh, and make memories

Remembering that every day that goes by, your children will be a day older.  They finally grow into adults and you may hardly see them anymore.   It’s time to start making memories that they will share with their children, and as always we are never promised tomorrow.  Until next time my friends, happy hunting and playing!

Yours Truly,



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