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20 Reasons Why You Should Workout Today and Not Tomorrow

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Are you like millions of people struggling with motivation to get up and start working out?  I know I do!  I struggle every single day!  Seriously “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL GUYS”.  I have decided to come up with reasons why I should start my workout routine today rather than tomorrow or the next day!  We all do this!  We all say we will start tomorrow, or after the weekend, but it never happens, or you go to the gym one day, and not again for another 6 months!  I refuse to become a part of this stigma, what about you? GREAT let’s DO IT TOGETHER! 

20 Reasons Why I Should WorkOut Today and NOT Tomorrow

  1. I know that this will keep me healthy.
  2. I will have the motivation to work out the next day.
  3. My energy will increase.
  4. I will be able to focus more.
  5. I know that this will help my stress levels.
  6. I know I will be working on me.
  7. I will be able to fit into my favorite jeans sooner.
  8. I will have more confidence.
  9. I will be able to reach my fitness goals one day sooner.
  10. I will have the drive to eat healthier.
  11. I will be able to sleep better.
  12. I will know I am setting a good example for my kids.
  13. I will become a winner in my own eyes.
  14. I will know I accomplished something today if nothing else.
  15. I know it will alleviate my anxiety.
  16. I know that my bones will become stronger.
  17. I know this will help my overall appearance.
  18. I know my life will be a lot more exciting.
  19. I know it will enhance my memory.
  20. My life will be so much better overall.

The next time you doubt yourself and say: “no I am too tired, I will just workout tomorrow.”  Make a list or use this one to give yourself reasons why TODAY and NOT TOMORROW!  You need to give yourself motivation. Give yourself something to work toward, a reason why! Until next time my friends!

Yours Truly,

Heather Gantt

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