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Communication is Key

So Why is it Important to Communicate?

I believe every one of us has experienced arguments or disagreements as some may call it, with your husbands, wives, kids, family members, co-workers, and even friends.  This is very normal, so normal that if you answer no, you’re probably not being honest!  As Mark Twain once said: “When in Doubt, Tell the Truth.”  This is so obviously brilliant!  Yes, the truth may come with consequences and tears.  It may end up the way you wanted or not the way you wanted.  There is such a sigh of relief knowing the truth.  Not wondering yourself sick, or worse, finding out later making it a hundred times worse.  Today, communication is the biggest factor that leads to couples splitting up, and eventually divorce.

In any situation, communication is important because, it expresses a person needs, concerns, and helps the other individual/individuals understand the need for the discussion.

Communication helps prevent misunderstandings.  Always make sure the other individual has a clear understanding at what you’re trying to get across.  Texting and emailing is the WORST way to communicate.  First off, you cannot see their face, secondly, you cannot hear the tone in their voice.  You can easily take that message completely out of context!

Communication is great, it gives us a chance to get to know one another whether it be personal or work related.  My husband and I talk about our day as soon as we get home.  Yes, sometimes I absolutely cannot shut up but, he just laughs.  We have become each other’s best friend, and this is how a marriage should be, I think anyway.  I can now talk to him about anything.

Communication goes for both parties.  Only one cannot do the communicating.  This causes yelling, feeling resigned, and crying.  You may even talk louder or scream to get your point across.  Both sides need to know they are being heard.  No one gets anywhere screaming and yelling, or walking away.

The other individual or persons must be in communication with you.  No, I am not saying you both have to be talking back and forth the entire time.  Yes, sometimes you are just the listener but, when listening, use facial expressions, and sit up not slouched with your arms crossed in front of you.  I promise you from experience, it goes a long way letting the other individual know you are really listening to them.

Communication builds strong relationships, successful companies, influences your thinking, shows professionalism, strong work ethic, minimizes confusion, and most importantly it is a part of our life. Whether you are communicating during at work or coming home to your family, it is a vital part of our everyday lives.  If we do not learn to communicate with one another, no telling where we will all be in years to come.  Until next time my friends.

Your Truly,

Heather Gantt


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