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Dangerous Teen Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

Whether you grow up in the age of cell phones or not, every parent knows it can be extremely tough keeping track of teenage language!

We all need to realize that although our kids are great and do well in school, this does not make them invincible to being a part of inappropriate conversations or someone else talking to them inappropriately.

My husband Toney, and I have come up with a long list of Dangerous and very inappropriate acronyms that you NEED to know!  Please if you know more drop them in the comment section.  We must understand what our teens are conversating about on the phones and the computers.  When I did my research, I had not even heard of some of these!  Pretty scary if you ask me!

Dangerous Teen Acronyms Parents Must Know


MOS– Mom over shoulder

9 and CD9– Parents are nearby

99– Parents are gone

WTTP– want to trade pictures

KMS/KYS– kill myself, kill yourself

GNOC– get naked on camera

FBOI– refers to a guy just looking for sex

1174– refers to meeting at a party

AGL– age, sex location

PIR– parent in room

P911– parent alert

TDTM– talk dirty to me

WTPA– where the party at

IWSN– I want sex now

IUTU– it’s up to you

SOS– someone over shoulder

MIRL– meet in real life

LMIRL– let’s meet in real life

LMK– let me know

MPFB- my personal F*** buddy

LSR– loser

IYKWIM– if you know what I mean

NIFOC– nude in front of computer

WYRN– what’s your real name

KOTL– kiss on the lips

RU/18– are you over 18

YOLO– you only live once

WYCM– will you call me

FINSTA– fake Instagram account

PAL– parents are listening

53x– sex

CID– acid (the drug)

THOT– that hoe over there

420– marijuana

Broken– hungover from alcohol

 8– this refers to oral sex

PRON– referring to porn

IPN– im posting naked

TWD– texting while driving

DOC– drug of choice

LH6– let’s have sex

KPC– keeping parents clueless

GYPO– get your pants off

SUGARPIC– suggestive or erotic photo

182– I hate you

ADR– address

F2F– face to face, face-time

J/O– jerking off

Q2C– quick to cum

RUMORF– are you male or female

RUH– are you horney

SORG– straight or gay

ZERG– to gang up on someone

AEAP– as early as possible

ALAP– as late as possible

NAOPKT- not a lot of people know that 

These were the most popular ones that I have found, but I am sure there are tons more!  Please share this with others as well.  All parents need to be aware of these acronyms.  Always know what your kids are talking about, whether it means keeping them safe or keeping others safe!  Until next time my friends!  Do not forget to share!!!  If you enjoyed this helpful information, check out my other blog on Teen Lengo 

Your Truly,

Heather Gantt

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