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How Can We Stop CyberBullying and Help Prevent It?

If you have not read my first blog on this subject, you should go back, and read the first one, “Top 15 Signs Your Child Is  A Victim Of Cyberbullying” Parents you can help stop cyberbullying.  No, I am not saying stop everything that you are doing, and find out where the person lives, so you can go be mother bear to your cub.  However,  what I am saying is we have to teach our children what they need to be doing in these circumstances.

We should be teaching our children how to act.  Our children mimic our ways, although we do not want them to, trust me they do!  My daughter gets her attitude from me, and proudly tells people where she gets it from!  Can I say EMBARRASSING!

Our children should know right from wrong, furthermore, they should know what is considered bullying and cyberbullying.

What Can Our Kids do to help Prevent Cyberbullying?

It is Not Your Fault

First things first a lot of kids tend to think it is their fault why they are bullied, maybe they did something wrong, or not able to wear the right clothes or shoes.  Bullying is NEVER your fault, our children need to know this.  They need to understand that it is wrong!  They also need to know the difference between an argument between them and a friend, and bullying.

Always Save The Conversation

With one advantage of cyberbullying, it is easier to save and screenshot evidence of the bullying.  Always save your evidence and DO NOT be scared to go to an adult you trust for help!

Do Not Respond To Get Revenge

This is what bullies are looking for.  They want to see you mad and upset!  Do not give them the power they are looking for which also makes you a bully, which we are trying to stop completely.  If you can change the subject or completely remove yourself from the conversation that is the best way to take charge.  Do not enable the one bullying, it only makes things worse.

Use Your Social Media Tools That You Are Given For Free

Most social media sites allow you to block people, make your page private, etc.  Take advantage of this!  Parents YOU can help, help your child make their social media only available to those whom you and your child agree on!  Work together!

Speak Up

Be strong, be confident, and be the BIGGER person!  Speak up!  Tell someone, whether it be your best friend, your mom, your dad, brother or sister.  Someone needs to know!  It will never make you feel less of a person, I promise, just let someone know.  The only person that will feel less of a person is the one bullying you.

How Can You the Parent Help Prevent Cyberbullying?

If Your Child Comes To You, You Are Lucky

Just know that a lot of kids won’t tell parents, nor close friends about bullying.  They keep it all inside which can cause Depression which can lead to teen suicide or in recent reports, elementary school-aged suicide.  This is becoming more common as time goes by.

We can stop this epidemic, but we need help from both sides. If you are reading this more than likely you have kids.  Just know, the older they get the more they hide.  Not intentionally most of the time.  A lot of times they are just embarrassed to discuss certain topics.  The closer you stay to your child, and the more open you are with them, their willingness to be open with you has a higher probability.

We cannot keep our children in the dark or sheltered forever.  I have seen this too many times, where sheltered kids have no clue what drinking can do, what sex can do just one time, they have no clue what rap is.  I KNOW people like this, I refuse to keep my child sheltered from the world.

My child needs to know what crime is out there, the sick maniacs in the world, she needs to watch the news of the bombings, she needs to know there are kids starving to death in other countries.

There comes a point where our children need to know the reality’s of life, what has happened, and what could happen.  Our children are not invincible, as they seem to believe they are till they reach a certain age in their adult lives.  They need to understand no one is bulletproof, and that is where we as parents step in.

Two Sides To Every Story

Although we know our children’s side is as sincere as possible, we must also remember there s always another child involved, which includes another family, not just yours.  You must always have open minds when going into this situation.  Children/kids/teens get into arguments with best friend/friend’s.  We need to make sure what is being said is actually correct before any drastic decisions have been made.  Remember going into this make sure you have thoroughly thought this out before making it public where more kids know about.  For this purpose, it could only make it worse on your child.

Hear Your Child Out

It is so important that if your child comes to you, listen.  Listen to everything, make sure they know you are listening, and you are willing to help.  Make sure you ask questions, reassure them this will be taken care of, and they will be ok.  The first step to healing is the one person they trust to go to and tell, actually listens to them, and helps resolve the situation.

Just remember sometimes kids just need to deal with situations on there own, of course depending on the circumstances.  A lot of times our children just want us to know we are here for them, and no matter what, we are there if they need us! Whether it be bullying or Cyberbullying, it’s the same thing.  It has to be stopped.  We know there will always be immature and cruel people in this world, but if we can teach our children the right way to handle certain situations, it will make a difference.  Know your child, know the signs, make sure they know they can trust you.  Until next time my friends.

Yours Truly,