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How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

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Have you ever been stuck in a situation, where you think someone is lying to you, but just not sure?  I know I have.  Study’s have actually shown that more people are lying more and more, which is not surprising to me in this day in time.  So, I have come up with a few ways you can protect yourself, and help you learn if the suspected Liar really is the liar you think they are!

1.) Repeating the Question 

Perhaps they’re guaranteeing they heard you accurately. Or, on the other hand, possibly they’re slowing down for time, or else endeavoring to unload what you’ve asked and made sense of the amount you know. In the event that they’re doing this, note it, and measure it with a portion of the others on the rundown.

2.) Not able to tell details when asked to repeat 

It’s the situation in which the individual talking doesn’t include new points of interest that would contradict him-or herself, yet additionally can’t review what he or she already said.

3.) A breaking of eye contact

Most liars realize that lying isn’t right, so lessening eye to eye connection diminishes the blame of deceiving your face. What’s more, lying, for the most part, takes a considerable measure of intellectual and passionate vitality, so at the same time holding eye to eye connection can over-burden a liar and make him or her turn away.

4.) Too much Lingo

Is your suspected Liar using 1000 words when just one simple sentence would answer the question?  Or are they going around the question on another whole different subject to avoid you?  Time for you to find a new lunch partner, because you are being lied to.

5.) They avoid using “I”

 I’ve found that when individuals lie about themselves, they tend to utilize I and me less regularly than individuals who are being honest. Rather, they’ll talk about themselves in the third party point of view, anything to give themselves mental separation from the lie.  They distance themselves as much as possible.

So there you go, short simple and sweet!  Are you being lied to and have suspicions, these tricks have always helped me find out the truth!  Until next time my friends.  Stay alert, stay conscious, and be the watcher!

Yours Truly,


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