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Parents Share Their Funniest Kid Stories

We all tend to go through life thinking we have a pretty normal family, right?  LOL, we are all far from Right!  Wait till you have kids if you have not already.  Kids definitely put a different perspective on life.  They learn, hear, see, and know a lot more than you think they do!  Kids are funny what can I say.  They are the most honest people on the planet, and if something is bothering them or if they have a question, TRUST ME, they will ask you no matter where you are!

Remember you must always remember the memories of your children.  Any bad days you may have just think back on a funny situation, a conversation that you and your children may have had.  I about guarantee you it will make your day a lot better.  Some situations may have made you mad at the time, but laughed about later!  So what is the funniest story you can remember your bundle of joy saying?  Here are just a few stories to get your mind wondering!


1.) “My daughter was wanting a little snack, and was yelling NO NUTS (doughnuts) while we were shopping in Walmart.” – Christina Haynes.

2.) “When my son was little, nick and I was telling him about my mother’s diabetes. Well, somehow he got it mixed up, and went to school telling everyone his grandmother had rabies.” – Ann Amann.


3.) “When my daughter was about 3 or 4… I heard a helicopter in the sky so I waited for it to show her.  When it finally appeared she said… ” I was thinking ..WHAT THE HELL!” – Ashley Stilwell.


4.) “When my daughter was about 3 years old, she looked up in the sky and seen there were no stars one morning and said “mommy why the birdies eat all da stars”- Stacy Speck.


5.) “When my daughter was probably around 3 or 4 years old, we were in the grocery store checkout lane.  Our cashier had to speak on the overhead intercom.  When she finished my daughter grabbed the microphone and started saying.. “69….69……69″, she was on the intercom, and the entire store heard her. EMBARRASSING!” – Anonymous


6.) “My son who is now in Kindergarten came down the hall and yelled, “dad what’s a blow job?” I thought I was going to die!”- Shaun Haynes.


7.) “My mom was born in Japan, Air Force base, and my son said he didn’t know she was Chinese.”- Jaime Heffner.


8.) “My daughter was at the age where she was still taking a shower with me, probably about 3 years old.  She looked at me and said, “mommy I hope I don’t get dose 2 big tangs (things) like you have when I get old, dose tangs just get in da way” LOL, I died laughing! – HG


9.) “So my mom told my brother to stop being an ass one day, in front of my 9-month-old daughter.  Now ever since then when she sees her uncle, she calls him “Ass”, she thinks that is his name.”  – Cortney Worley


10.) “My daughter was 1 1/2 years old and ran straight into the wall not paying attention, she turns to the wall, points at it, and says “NOT NICE!” – Keisha Helms

11.) “My daughter loved cheese as a child, then started getting constipated because that was all she would eat.  I finally told her she could not do number 2 because all the cheese she was eating.  We went out to eat one evening, and she wanted a burger and fries.  As soon as the waitress walked over to our table to take our order, my daughter immediately says: “I want a cheeseburger and fries, BUT NO CHEESE, NO NO NO CHEESE. My momma says that’s why I can’t poop because I eat cheese.” LOL, Oh my how embarrassed I was!  My daughter went many years without eating cheese because of this!” – HG

12.) The family took a trip to the zoo.  Mom says: “Wow honey look how big that Buffalo is!”  My child says: “Bigger than you, mom?”  Mom- “Honey he weighs close to 2000 lbs”  Kid- “But what about you, mom?  How much do you weigh?” LOL- anonymous


13.) Christmas time is here and your child unwraps their gift!  Child says: “COOOOOOL!”  Mom: “Cool, what is it?”  Child:  “IT’S A THIIIIING!” LOL


14.) “When my kids were 3 and 4 they were playing outside, came running in the house terrified yelling about a pecker head in the backyard.  Upon further examination, and having my son point out what he was talking about.  I discovered they were talking about a woodpecker.” – Michelle Stroebel


15.) It was dinner time, and my daughter was trying to get out of eating all her food.  My quote is always, “there is someone starving somewhere, be grateful for what you have.”  I told my daughter she needed to clear her plate or she was not getting up from the dinner table.  Her response: “well you always say there are starving people that would love this food, I’m just saving it for them.”  Honesty, lol I could not help but laugh. – anonymous


Please feel free to share more stories in the comment section!!  Let’s hear more of these hilarious kid story’s!  Until next time my friends keep it real, keep it honest, ha who are we kidding, leave it up to the kids! 😀

Yours Truly,