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Shit, I Think I’m Killing It!

Over the years I have continued to wonder who I was, who I wanted to be or become. All I knew was I wanted to be the best I could be and then set those goals to succeed even further.

I consider myself to be strong, independent, don’t take shit from anyone, very opinionated, move on rather than gain the drama, and the big one, I tend to be the rock, the foundation for everyone!

If something needs to be fixed or done it gets done, no waiting, no asking, no questions asked!

I raised my 15-year-old daughter on my own until about 3 years ago, but shit the hard part is over now besides the teenage back talking, attitudes, taxi service, smelly sports gear and feet, picky eating, wanting this wanting that, “I’m the worst mom ever’s”, nothing is good enough, and the “but she has it why can’t I”.

Ahhhh hell, who am I kidding it’s only started!

NO doubt in my mind can I deny that I have been that party girl, and no I didn’t party with drugs, sorry to burst your happy bubble right there, now adult beverages I do have my favorites, but that is all we will speak on that. 

Yes, I have been a prude, sinful, talk way too much, boring at times, controlling, OCD(still am about my work and clutter in the home), and you will more than likely see me bitchy if you know me, sorry I don’t hide it well, so don’t say You were not warned

I have been both fearless and a quitter, yes my individuality takes me many places, sometimes where I want to be, but also places I don’t want to be, and that is where I quit my friends, yep as scared as a kid stuck on the monkey bars with no one around to help them!

The curiosity has always been there,  who I am, and am I doing the right thing, especially when it comes to parenting or being a wife.  Being THAT mom, THAT wife, stay at home mom vs. the working mom, becoming friends with your neighbors so they can now talk more about you behind your back than they did when they didn’t know you. 

Don’t act surprised when I say that, you know what I am talking about and you know I am right? πŸ™‚ 

I will stay to myself and let you talk about me while I sip on my wine and wave to you in passing. The exciting part is that I don’t have to entertain you, and we all know your thinking the same thing so your welcome!  

I am me and will stay me, refusing to be labeled as anyone or anything Your opinion is your’s, not mine, and honestly, I don’t give a rats ass what you think about me πŸ™‚ because I think I’m brilliant, funny, and awesome! 

I may not agree with you, and you may not agree with me, I respect that!  That is your opinion!  

When it comes to parenting some people may not agree with my parenting style just as I may not agree with yours, and FYI if you don’t agree with mine I am 99.9% positive I do not agree with yours either. No worries there,  it’s all good momma just keep your trash in your yard, I’ll keep mine in my yard!

Honestly, I am a mom that loses her shit from time to time, and probably my head too if it was not attached, well, no “probably” I definitely would. 

But, I am that mom that attends every game, every chorus concert, most practices, volunteers at the school when needed, come up with thousands of dollars that I don’t have for a sport, money for yearbooks, and laptops so the kid can do her homework. 

So Yes, I think I am a great mom, one that helps with the homework if I can manage to understand this year’s teaching methods, no comment NC Department of Education, I’ll keep it classy.

Guess what, I even yell!  Yep, I lose my “calm mom voice” and yell from time to time, maybe even more often than less!  Here’s an idea, don’t piss me off and we will live a nice peaceful life!

The important thing here is teaching my daughter everyone is their own person, we are all different have our own faults so just be you!  If you feel like a good scream is what you need,  go for it, but not in my face please that will get you grounded!  

I must say she has turned out to be an awesome kid, honors classes, sports, compassionate, friendly (most of the time) lol, what can I say she’s her mother’s daughter.  Some days we just want to be alone, some days we love to talk, some days we hate to talk to anyone, even the pets.

A lot of days we both come in contact with stupid people, and turn the opposite direction going about our day.  We will pray for them later, the main goal here is to get away quickly first.

If you ask me how my life is going, Shit I think I’m killing it!

Keep it real, keep it classy, and please just be yourself!

Yours Truly and Honestly,


– The 411 Addict-