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Summing up Teenage Parenting

Summing up teenage parenting is like thinking you can squeeze into those old favorite jeans of yours. In reality, you can’t even get them past your thighs. Furthermore, I will attempt to make you aware of as much as possible, but, you will only really know when you actually experience it! LOL, good luck mom and dad, you’re going to need it.

Some households use the cookie cutter family idea, you know “it’s just the hormones, and ” it’s the changes their bodies are going through”. “It will pass they say”. Some households just patch up the holes in the walls and tape plastic over broken windows. “It’s just a faze, it will pass.”

Well, my friends, I have a different perspective on that! Raising a teenager is PURE HELL! If you have not experienced this yet, you just wait, I promise it is coming so get ready!

I have decided to help you guys out on what to expect. NO, not every family has the same teenage years experiences, but I promise you at least a couple of these on this list you will experience or already have. I’m just giving you my two cents on what I have learned so far with my 15-year-old. God, help me!

What to Expect When the Teen Years Creep up!

  • Small children and babies need 24-hour care, seven days a week right? Don’t worry, when they become teenagers they tend to hibernate in their rooms to make up for that!
  • When the time comes and you get into an argument with your teen about the real world, and how they are not ready. They will ensure you they will be fine without you. 15 minutes later they will ask you for money. JS
  • Getting a text at 9:00 am asking if you could PLEEEEEEASE pick them up Taco Bell on your way home from work. Yes, not even lunchtime yet, and you have been at work for one hour.
  • 95% of your child’s teen years, you will spend in a car. Sporting events, practice, dropping off at a friends house, picking up from a friends house, picking up and dropping off their friends, mall trips, school trips back and forth. Last but not least you hiding in your car just to get away for a little while.
  • When you’re asked for money
    • Teen: “Can I have some money.”
    • Parent: “no, I’m broke, sorry”
    • Teen: “can’t you just get your card and go to the atm?”
  • Get familiar hearing the word “fine” as they stare at their phone when you ask them how their day was. Later on, they don’t get their way and get on one of their tantrums about how you will never understand, and you never talk to them or even ask how their day was, LOL! Trust me, you will hear this.
  • Asking your child what they would like for dinner many times, and the answer is “I don’t know” every single time. You ask again and you get the same answer. You finally tell them what you have decided on…their response EWWW THAT’S NASTY.
  • The awesome dinner that you slaved over from the time you got home from work that took about two hours to make. Get ready… your teen says they are not hungry, and you even made their favorite meal.
  • Teen years bring manipulations, the “you just don’t understand”, “you’re not a teenager you don’t get it”. These kids act as we have never been a teenager before, LOL, nope we have no idea we were born adults!
  • Don’t worry if they get upset with you and can’t wait to move out. No crying moms, I have done this enough for all of us. Give it about an hour, they will get hungry or want money and forget all about it πŸ™‚
  • The only time they are nice even halfway is when they want something. So FYI parents, if they start cleaning without being told or offering to help you. They either want something or they did something, lol. Just a heads up, keep up with report card dates! πŸ˜€ thank me later!
  • Time to chose which one you want to look better, you or the house.
  • Teens are like a box of chocolates, you never know which personality you’re going to get.
  • Be prepared to stay mentally and physically drained.
  • Always remember you can’t put them back in, just go with it.
  • Don’t laugh when they do something inappropriate, even though it’s hilarious. Wait till they leave the room after you speak to them. If you can’t hold it in, tell them to sit, and don’t move you need to use the bathroom you will be right back!

Most Importantly!

So my awesome, loving, drained, irritated parents it will be okay, I promise! It may not be a bed of roses for a while but in the end, they will thank you. Hmm, I’m having to tell myself this also πŸ™‚

BTW, start saving for that awesome getaway after graduation! You deserve it after those years! Until next time my friends. Keep them clean, fed, trouble-free, and alive then we have done our job! πŸ˜€

Yours Truly,