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Taking Control of Your Mail Clutter

Do you keep piles of mail and junk mail? Is it taking over your kitchen counter, desk space, or even your drawer in the bedroom? Let’s just say the most exciting part of my day is getting tons of mail in the mailbox! NOT!! Clearly, it’s time for you to start taking control of your mail clutter, agree? First of all, if you’re like me my mail is out of control, and before you ask, YES, I have all my bills set to paperless. Hence, we still get mail every single day, even paper mail that should be paperless. Making decisions on what to throw away, what not to throw away, and where to put for your spouse to see. All can be very overwhelming, and like me brings major anxiety especially when it keeps getting put on your counter space RIGHT BESIDE THE STOVE, really?

3 Steps to Help Manage Your Mail

Let’s knock out that mail pile sitting in front of you, and I know you just glanced at it while reading this. it’s that bad trust me! Here are three super easy ways to help you sort and manage that mail pile you just keep adding to.

Pick One Area for Sorting

First off, establish one area where you open and process all your mail. This could be a desk, table by the front door, or your kitchen counter. I strongly suggest using the kitchen counter cautiously. Personally, this is what gets my household in trouble. You open, you lay back down in the same spot every day. It just keeps piling up.

Don’t Allow Mail Piling

Secondly, do not let it pile up! This is a big one. Make sure you set a specific time each day that you process your mail. For instance, for me, I do it right after work because this is when I check the mail. If you do not have time as soon as you check the mail, make sure you designate a specific time when you can. Make sure you do it daily!

Decide Where it Goes

Lastly, decision-making time. Do not put it down; put it away. Therefore, the easiest way to do this is by sorting by categories:
  • Mail that needs to be read but you do not have the time at the moment.
  • Throwaway mail – flyers, junk mail, advertisements, circulars, etc.
  • Spouse or children’s mail
  • Needs to be file – bills, insurance policy’s, etc.
  • Mail that needs to be answered – RSVP’s, forms that need to be filled out and returned.
  • A phone call must be made – Maybe you need more explanation than the letter stated. Calling you can get a quicker response and throw away or file the mail quicker rather than later.
The categories listed can be labeled on file folders and placed in a filing cabinet, file box, or even a portable desktop file. If your watching your budget as most of us are the file box and desktop filer are extremely affordable.

What Next?

When its time to get the mail you can now immediately process and place in its proper location. If your spouse is not home you can simply hand them their folder when they arrive for them to read and sort through theirs. Above all, I hope this will help you get a hang of that mail pile on your kitchen counter. Until next time my friends, keep it neat and keep it sorted, and you will do just fine! Do you have other suggestions that help you? Please share in the comments below! Yours Truly, Heather