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The Teen Years Have Started, Can I Scream Now?

The Honest Truth

OK, so you work all day and come home to peace, and quite.  You look forward to this all day while daydreaming at work on the perfect life you have.  No stress, no worries, and the perfect attitudes from everyone in the family.  You may get to lay on the couch and rest for a bit, right?

LOL, YEA RIGHT!  Welcome to MY world!  If your household is like mine, you are more than likely getting armed for combat!  Yes, I said it!  So get ready parents, get your head in the game!  Be ready to walk into your home completely prepared!  These people we call “teenagers” will attack full force, and they are ready!

We all think we are ready to take on our teens, pre-teens, and even the terrible two’s.  Let me tell you something, HA, you have no idea what you are in for!  Yes, some of you may have two, three, or more kids, but we all know every child is different.  They have their own personalities, their own liking, and dislikes.  Can you honestly tell me that you know what mood your teenager is going to be in when you get home after work?  If you can, I will kneel down at your feet and kiss them!  My child is like egg shells, touch them the wrong way, and all hell breaks loose!  Don’t get me wrong she is a very smart, and athletic girl, BUT that 13-year-old TUDE she has is like trying to get a splinter out of your finger that’s stuck like hell!

Do you honestly believe that the bad smells, the back talking, the “ill take a shower tomorrow, the eye rolling, the “whatever’s”, the “I need my privacy”, the “but mom and dad’s”, the “I need money” every day will not happen to you?

Trust me when I tell you, this is a must-have during your child’s experience through their teenage years!  They play with their fidget spinners, we will play with ours!


Dude I know this is a MUST have in my house!  Wine is my sanity and patience especially having to deal with a subadult daughter in my home.


Communication Issues?

I have learned communication, and the way I approach my daughter has a huge impact on her reactions.  I have tried everything from yelling back, being nice, getting mad, taking her phone away, and much more.  Not saying that I get a positive outcome every time I am nice to her when she complains or stomps her foot because she cannot have or do something.  That would not be true at all.  I do get more respect from her, and most importantly she listens to me when I listen to her.

Want advice? LOL, OK here it goes. I have a positive outcome involving them in the resolution to the issue.  Call a family meeting, and sit them down to discuss the issues.  Let them know they can speak their mind, and talk about anything bothering them etc.  Yes, this even means them telling you that they absolutely hate you yelling at them over everything, so stay quiet mom or dad and just listen.  Give them the respect you want! Come up with resolutions together.  Teenagers are very touchy individuals, I know this because I was one!  I remember what it was like being a teen.  No one cares about you, your parents always yell at you, your trying your best but no one sees it, she’s prettier than me, and so on.  You get the idea!  You wanted to be heard right!?  Well, your child does too!

Just Remember

No teenage home is going to be angels and a cup of tea, it is just not in the cards for us!  We have to deal with the cards we are given.  Teenagers will always be teens, but there are ways to communicate with them and get on their level without offending them!  Communication is KEY here, and the way we talk to them.  We need to model the respect we want back in return!  Instead of yelling at your child because they are still on their video game, and was suppose to be off 15 minutes ago to start studying for a test.  Talk to them nicely, for example: “It is 15 minutes past the time you are supposed to be off your game, I know you love your video games and lose track of time easily, but remember you have an exam tomorrow.” Instead of: “Get off that stupid video game, you know you will fail that exam tomorrow if you do not study”. Remember teens will give you a lot of backlashes no doubt about that, and a lot of times it’s to see your reaction to it.

No need to stress parents, no need to get mad!  Embrace those extra Grey hairs you gain during these next 7 years of the “TEEN LIFE”.  Stand your ground, and take control of the home base!  Don’t forget, get ready, be prepared, and stay alert.  They are coming, if not now soon I PROMISE YOU THIS!  You guys are doing awesome.  Until next time my friends, keep Calm, and Mom or Dad on! 😉

Yours Truly,

Heather D. Gantt


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