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Top 12 Words Your Teen May Use This Year

After researching and listening to my daughter and all her friends talk constantly, I have finally come to an understanding of some of the words the kids are using these days!  If you have a teenager or know one, I am almost positive you have heard some of their outlandish languages, and just like me wondering what in the world does that mean?  No worries I am here to help you understand what these crazy words are that our teens are using!



Top 12 Words Teens are Saying


1.) Lit- 

When this word is used you may all of a sudden think “who is drunk”.  We know this word as majorly intoxicated, but your child is talking about something turned/turnt up or popping.  It can also mean that someone is so ecstatic about some future event or anything going on.

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “OMG Tori, the game is going to be so Lit tonight, I so can’t wait to go!”


2.) Turnt-

I cringe when I hear this word, I just do not understand it!  I just want to ask my daughter what are you turning up, your frown from upside down?  I mean really, but whatever the kids are using it!  Turnt- an excessive case of excitement or craziness.  In other words, they are about to pee their pants they are so excited!

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Wow, that game got Brandon Turnt last night, you should have seen him!”


3.) Bro

Lol, ok this one is kinda funny especially when you hear adults trying to use this word when they have no business doing so!  Bro- Brother, Buddy, or friend.  In a lot of cases, as I have witnessed myself it could mean wife, girlfriend, husband, child, shoot apparently everything is “BRO” now!

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE- “Bro, that’s so awesome I think I want to do that again.” Or, “Bro, the baby’s crying is it your turn or mine”  LOL πŸ˜€ my favorite!


4.) Squad

OK parents this is an easy one!  A squad is their closest group of friends, the ones they trust more!  I guess depending on your age we also know it as the gang, crew, company, or just FRIENDS geeez!

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Me and the Squad are going to the game tonight.”  OR what you hear a lot, “Squad Goals”  They are hoping to achieve one day.


5.) Ratchet

This has got to be the worst made up word of all time right here!  It reminds me of a tool, and no they are not using this word for that meaning!  This word means explaining someone’s looks or behavior in a way that is not satisfactory.

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Girl, I am not even going to tell you how ratchet Danni looks today, how could anyone dress like that!”


6.) Gucci

We all know what Gucci is right?  Of course, a really expensive brand of clothing!  When I heard this for the first time, I was like “Gucci”, why did she just say Gucci when I explained to her what we were doing, is this a game like a Marco polo?  NOPE, In the teen dictionary, Gucci means good or cool.

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Susi we are going to the mall this evening, ill pick you up at 6, ok?  Gucci!”


7.) Rides

No this is not “cars” lol.  The creatures that we have created use the word “Rides” as a term referring to their shoes or sneakers.

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Check out my new rides David.  Pretty sweet huh?” OR “Mom I have to get me some new Rides, I can’t be seen in these old ones.”


8.) Skurt

Lol, one of my favorites!  I am sure you have heard your teen throw up the hand and say skuuuuuurt (exaggerated)?  If not it is hilarious.  They are mimicking the sound of screeching tires, like when you come to a fast stop, and have to slam on your breaks.  This term to our snow bunnies means, go away or just stop right there and turn around.

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Skuuuuuurt” just that simple.  When someone walks up or starts talking they say it!  I know right?  Weirdos!


9.) Thirsty

Do not go give your child some drink, or ask if they are thirsty, lol, like me!  They are using this term in the terms of getting attention.

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE:  “That girl is so thirsty, it is starting to get on my nerves.”


10.) Bae

Many have heard this word, and it really irritates me!  Why not just say, babe?  Anyway, Bae is a term used by teens, MAINLY, but not limited to, and I say this loosely πŸ™‚ that means babe, girlfriend, anyone that you love.

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Kayla I have to get off hear and go call my Bae, he has been waiting on my call.”


11.) Doe

Not really too much to this word, it is like using “Though”, but just emphasizing it.  Kids, SMH (look lol, even I can use text language)

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Wow did you see how that teacher was acting doe?”


12.) Cray/Cray-Cray

This is just a shorter word for crazy!  Crazy, wild is all it means

WHEN USED IN A SENTENCE: “Dude, that girl was cray-cray yesterday.”


So there you go, an overview of some of the top slang words you may hear this year!  Don’t worry, this does not mean your child has lost all hope of speaking educated and has lost the proper English Language completely.  This is just a teen thing, well supposed to be anyway!

SO PARENTS, if you decide to think outside the box, and get in on some of your teens “convos” using these words or many others, they may get you some backlash or make you “UN-COOL”!  Like the kids say: “Really mom/dad, I am never using that word again!” OR “Really mom/dad, your just too old to be using that word.”

Some Pointers, do not talk so much that you get the “SKURT”, or jump in front of “BAE” which we all know will get you one less friend.  You do not want to be known as “Cray” in the group, you know what I mean “Doe”?  Don’t get me wrong, getting in on your teens convos may get you “Turnt” up, but remember “Bro” you don’t want to get so “Thirsty” for info that you get booted out of the “Squad” before you can show off the new “Rides”!  Go in prepared and not looking “Ratchet”, after you get accepted in the conversation then your house will be “Lit”!  Are we “Gucci”? πŸ˜€ Until Next time my friends, keep real, keep it happenin, and keep a teen dictionary for slang on hand!

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