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15 Reasons Why Some Of Us Mom’s Drink Wine


A Day in My Life

Sometimes I think I am on another planet!  In fact, most days at my house, I AM!  With my daughter’s teen vocabulary, attitudes, sports, homework, food, and want this want that.  To my husband’s conspiracy theories, a believer in aliens, and that the government is out to get us to reduce the population size.  With this in mind, yes, I’d have to say I need my wine!

In particular, after a long day at work, I come home and immediately attacked by my daughter, my husband, 2 small dogs, and 2 cats.  It’s like I am a damn magnet that starts attracting them as soon as my car pulls in the driveway!  I have a train behind me everywhere I go in the house, furthermore one of the boxcars meows really loudly, and has multiple spas attacks because he wants can food not dry food!  

Dang, can I just go to the bathroom in peace!?  That’s a big NO!  Mom’s, you feel me right?  If it’s not the cat pushing open the bathroom door, and jumping on my legs, it’s the dog, my husband, or my daughter yelling for me!  Can I hide now?  For this purpose, I have created a list of reasons why I drink wine.

So Why Do I Drink Wine?


1. There is someone in my house that calls me “MOM”!

2. I have a man-child for a husband!

3. I drink wine because I have a daughter that trips over her shadows.

4. I need something to slow my brain down enough to understand exactly what “turnt or ratchet” means!

5. My child whines so guess what, I get to wine too!

6. When your day has been nothing but hell, and then your family starts

7. I have a kid that asks if the chicken from Chick-Fil-A comes from Cows :-/

8. “Mom, I need pads” after I have already got home, comfortable, and is late! She knew about before I left work.

9.  Everyone in the house has consumed everything sweet you could possibly want.

10.  It’s way too late for coffee, and you damn sure don’t need high blood pressure this late!

11. You get a call at work, “MOM I have volleyball pictures today and forgot my uniform”

12. You fix a delicious meal, and your kid decides they are not hungry, not to mention the husband wants something else.

13. When you suddenly remember how much easier it was when your kid didn’t talk!

14.  Let’s be honest it’s the only thing keeping me sane at the moment!

15. Remembering it starts over in the morning!


Still Wondering Why Wine is a part of Mom’s Day?

When your man-child, the teenager that squats in your home, your bundle of sweet joy, a friend, someone from your family, or yourself-ask why you have to have wine?   

With this in mind remember everything that you go through on a daily basis.  For instance, the times you work your ass off to be overlooked, food was not eaten that you slaved over for hours, your feet hurting because you have yet to sit down while everyone else relaxes.  In fact, don’t forget about the dog poop you stepped in, animals you fed, homework you helped with, the house you cleaned, people you were nice to that you do not like, cars you dodged to avoid a wreck, Wal-Mart trip that you were stuck with. 

Meanwhile, the family has had their showers, ate their food, watched their shows your just now taking a shower/bath, cleaning up dinner or just plan out stating GO AWAY IM DONE FOR THE DAY!  Therefore it’s that time, time for wine! 

Until next time my friends!

Yours Truly,