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30 Way’s to Romance Your Marriage

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Life gets away from us, sometimes way out of the way.  Work phone calls at dinner time, work may call you in while eating dinner, staying late at work, and much more.  Keeping the romance in your marriage after the wedding is very challenging no doubt.  There are ways to keep it fresh and keep your love strong no matter what barriers get in the way.


1.) Men, tell your wife you are dealing with the kids for the whole day, morning, or evening.  Tell her she has the entire day to herself, stay home, or go out.

2.) Do you remember your favorite songs when you started dating?  Save all of them on your phone or a disc, listen to them as you travel together.

3.) Never say the word Divorce.  When you were married it was unto death do you part.  There should be no reason the word divorce should come up, even in arguments.  Arguments will happen, talk through them,

4.) Pick up some flowers for your significant other, and dinner on the way home. FYI, you may want to make sure they have not started cooking or preparing dinner before you do this.

5.) Make a list of five things you love about your partner or love about your relationship, leave this list where your partner will find it.

6.) Plan a date, and arrange for a babysitter if one is needed.  Surprise your partner with a dinner date for the evening, and maybe even a movie.

7.) Buy your partner a gift just because, it does not have to be a birthday or holiday to show them you care about them.

8.) Leave a flower on your partner’s pillow before they go to bed, even if it is a flower from your own garden (which is even more romantic.)

9.) Surprise your spouse with their favorite sweet thing at home, or even at work.

10.) Go for a walk together

11.) Turn off the TV and tell your partner you just want to talk, play a game and just enjoy their company this evening.

12.) Text your partner through the day to let them know you are thinking about them or even let them know how hot they are.

13.) Show appreciation for even the small things he or she does.

14.) Write love notes on the bathroom mirror, where your partner will see it.

15.) Run a bubble bath, and light a candle for them when you know they have had a bad day.

16.) Leave a big love letter hanging on the refrigerator or coffee maker in the morning where you know they will find it.

17.) Give them a spontaneous kiss.

18.) Make your partner feel special, don’t take them for granted.

19.) Spend some uninterrupted time together.  We are never promised tomorrow, do not wait until it is too late.

20.) Make memories, go to the mountains, go on a car ride through the countryside, go on a picnic at the park in a secluded place where you are not disturbed.

21.) Take random pictures, plenty of pictures.

22.) No matter how mad you are at each other, say I Love you before you go to sleep, or leave.

23.) Women- hide a love note in his wallet

24.) Let each other talk without interrupting, I promise you will have your turn.

25.) Laugh at each other’s jokes, even if they are not funny.

26.) Women- watch the whole game with him.

27.) When you say you will do something, follow through, and this is for both of you.

28.) Tell your spouse how proud you are of them.

29.) Snuggle on the couch together, women- sit on his lap, men- just touch her skin, having your hand near her shows a lot.

30.) Women- Say Yes


Always find ways to romancing your marriage.  It is not easy to keep the romance alive in today’s society.  Running kids everywhere, both parents working, spouses that travel for work.  You have to remember that person you married, the one you said your vowels too. No cheating, no stepping on your marriage.  Try new things to spark the sex life up so it does not become boring.  If you are embarrassed no worries your partner is too more than likely.  A marriage is always a work in progress, communication is the main key, and you have to know how to talk to one another.  Go read my Communication Blog for a good read.  Life is like a Santa bag, there is always room for more things, experiences, and journeys, you just have to know what you want to put in the bag.  Until next time my friends.

Yours Truly,




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