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Top 10 Things Men Should Never Say To A Woman

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Men, do you ever get into a situation where you really like a female but you have no idea what to say to her?  Ok, maybe you get the balls to start up a conversation and you think you nailed it right on the head, but in reality, you hit the side and bent the damn nail to UN-repairable, and can’t get it back out.  Right!? Some men even get into arguments and just say the wrong thing, or come in from work moody, and the snake flies out of their mouth.   LOL, no worries, every guy has been there!  Talking to a woman is like treading on a thin sheet of ice over a lake, Praying it does not fall through.


1.) How Much Do You Weigh?

Seriously?  If you want something thrown at you or your girl to start seriously going through a crises breakdown, I suggest no going there!  I don’t even ask my mom and sister how much they weigh and that’s girl to girl!  Come on guys, get with it!





2.) I Love/Like Your Thickness

Ummm… NO!  You might as well be telling us we are fat, and NO the PHAT after will not cover you on this!  Some girls may like this(bodybuilders) and call themselves thick, but unless they say it first, DO NOT PRESENT IT! You’re setting yourself up for a major epic fail!






3.) Shhhh…..

This is a big no no.  Unless you want to start a huge argument on who the dominant one is, refrain from even attempting the shhh sound.  This is no better than hanging up on someone. Stay calm let each other speak, and definitely DO NOT say shhh.. while a lady is talking!  You might just get slapped or the “ahh hell no you just didn’t” reaction.






4.) You Knew I was This Way 

Nothing irritates me more than to hear these words!  Obviously, we did not or we would have said something to you a long time ago, or maybe we already have, but men are hard-headed point blank.  We knew the way you were when we were still stuck on stupid over your intriguing words, your sexy body, and those eyes that you lured us in to fall madly in love with you. Point is, you better get over it because she is NOT accepting those words.





5.) Nothing

Yes, it is something, or you would not have spoken up.  Do not tell me “nothing” when I asked you what you said.  Maybe we truly did not hear you, which in my case I do not a lot of times, especially during an argument we are having.  Saying nothing always makes the situation worse.  She is wondering what you really said, and you’re really wanting to get out what you really said.  So just hold your tongue and repeat, please!


6.) It’s Up to You

If we ask you to chose a place to eat, or if we ask you what movie you want to see, please don’t respond with “it’s up to you”.  If us lady’s wanted it to be up to us we wouldn’t have asked you.  Maybe we want to make you feel special and let you decide instead of us.







7.) OK, It Was All My Fault

Let me be specific here.  Unless you are sincerely apologetic, and really meaning it was your fault, do not say it was just to stop an argument.  We know when you’re being sarcastic, and we know when you are being truly sincere.  Saying this sarcastically just proves even more of how much of an ass you really are, and not taking responsibility for your actions.  This goes both ways BTW.






8.) So What Does It Mean?

This is a HUGE biggie in my house!  My husband will be talking to me and ask me: “do you know what that means?”.  As soon as I reply, “yes” he automatically asks, “so what does it mean?”  Listen here you boob, I know what it means, I wouldn’t have said “YES” if I didn’t know, so are you sure you know what it means? Dude, this is like doubting your lady that she knows what you’re talking about.  DON’T DO IT!






9.) What Have You Been Doing All Day

Guys, it does not take a rocket scientist to notice the house has been cleaned, the laundry that was piled up has been folded, etc.  Some houses take a lot more time than a day to get everything completed.  Nothing hurts more than hearing the words “what have you been doing all day when you have busted your ass trying to get as much done as possible before the man of the hour gets home, especially if you still have young kids at home that are not in school.  Depression occurs more often than people think, and hearing words come out of our loved ones mouths only makes this worse or even helps bring it on.  It is almost like our work is not appreciated.




10.) I Was Warned About You

Oh Really… If you were warned about her, then why are you with her?  If it was so bad to throw it in her face that you were warned, what is the reason that made you ignore that warning?  I do not get it?  Were you so lonely you were willing to chance it, were you going through a mid-life crisis and thought you would never find anyone else, or did you do it for the money?  Hmm… good questions to ask yourself?  If you have the balls to actually say this to your lady/wife, you may want to rethink why you are in the relationship in the first place.





Until next time My friends!  Be looking for my next Blog, “The Top 30 Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever”.  Oh and if you’re a writer that wants to make money or someone that needs great content writers on a slim budget check out IWriter!  I love this site, I write for them every day, and making money doing I!

Yours Truly,


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