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When In Doubt, Your Awesome!

Anyone who has experienced a high school gym class knows the anxiety of being picked last for teams all too well.  Whoever wants to feel unwanted or inferior to others?  EXACTLY, NO ONE! Most people today would probably agree that at some point in their life, they have experienced the cold shoulder from friends or family, maybe put down, talked about, or someone has given them a reason to feel less worthy than others.  No matter what the experience or situation the pain from social rejection can cause just as much harm to someone like them actually getting physically hurt.

As a society today, we should be better aware of how we treat others especially with the growing number of suicide rates, and the huge increase in teen suicide and more astoundingly, elementary school-aged children!  If you have not read my article on Suicide and Silence you should definitely check it out great read, eye-opening information, and Two great short videos!  “Suicide and Silence” By Heather Gantt.


As we all have grown and moved into the Real World, all the high school drama and cliques have vanished, right!?


LOL, we only wish!  Whether you are going to work every day, waiting in the school drop off line, sports practice with your child, or even the grocery store you still have “THOSE CLIQUES”.


  • The snooty ones that think they are God’s gift to earth, and with the drop of a dime the ball is in their court, RIGHT!?


  • Of COURSE, The Brown Noser’s that are so far up the Boss’s ass you can’t even call them an ass-kisser! (I would offer them some toilet paper so they could wipe the shit off their nose at that point, J.S.) 🙂


  • The Backstabbers, the ones that are nice to your face to find out new gossip, to only run and tell so they can move up, be “that mom”(we will talk about this subject another day :-)), or just have nothing better to do in their poor pathetic lonely life.


  • The quiet bunch, who just sits back and listens as your friend, co-worker, family member rants about their day, and agrees with everything you say because they know that’s what you want to hear and you will shut up faster rather than later. 🙂


  • The Need Attention crowd, the ones that talk about what they all did that weekend, what they are going to do, or what they bought CONSTANTLY, and tells the same old funny story over and over that stopped being funny the second time you told it! CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP NOW!


  • The Nincompoop crowd, well that is all just nincompoop, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

I can keep going but you should get the idea now.  Yes, in school we had a limited number of groups; the jocks, the sports players, the class clowns, the NORMAL kids, and well… the not so normal (me, I would probably fall under every category there is 😀 Normal for me is NOT NORMAL ).  In the real world, there are a lot more groups we ALL have to deal with.  Do not let anyone tear you down, or get the best of you.  No one deserves to be talked down on, or even compared to anyone else.  Know your grounds, know your authority, but know how to talk and treat someone.

Rise above the hypocrisy and be YOU!  Who cares what anyone else thinks!  Just remember YOU ARE AWESOME, I am AWESOME, WE ARE ALL AWESOME!  Until next time my friends.

Yours Truly and AMAZINGLY Awesome,

Heather Gantt