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When Life Gets Hard Take Action!

“You’re going to go through tough times – that’s life. But I say, ‘Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.’ See the positive in negative events.” – Joel Osteen

Life gets hard. Let’s admit, hard times happen. Sometimes at the most inconvenient time possible. Trials and tribulations will be part of our lives forever, whether you are rich, poor, middle class, ready or not ready, they will show up at some point.

Some of us may experience stressful events that may last a day, two days, or even longer, some will have to make hard choices, and many will experience difficult situations that will impact us in one way or another for the rest of our lives.

Hard times teach us all lessons, they make us stronger and give us a better understanding of who we are as a person. After all, if you want the good, you have to take the bad. How would you really know you liked something without experiencing the bad? You, would not!

Living My Best Life

Whether you have been knocked down a million times or hit rock bottom when you think you’re ahead, you have to always stay positive. Yes, staying positive can be quite challenging trust me I have a big problem with this, so I am working on it. We get one chance and only one chance to live our life!

It’s time we start to realize taking our hard times for what it’s worth and moving forward! It’s time for us to live our best life! Yes, I said it, it’s time to start living our BEST LIFE. No need to stew in what we don’t have, can’t get, and can’t do. It is time for you to realize, IT IS WHAT IT IS AND SHIT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

When I think about living my best life, I think about living up to my potential NOW instead of putting off for later (the things I wish to do in the future, doing them now). Don’t be the procrastinator and put off, it will never happen. As I said, life gets hard but we get one life and one life only… LIVE IT, MY FRIENDS, LIVE IT!

So… how do we live our best lives? Well, watch for my next blog, ” What you Should be doing to Live Your Best Life.”  

Don’t Suffer, Do Something About It

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” – Haruki Murakami

I do realize this can be moiling in some situations, but the way I see it, its time to take action! OK, I get it your stressed about a deadline, well, get on it the longer you sit there thinking about it the more time you are losing. You’re having financial difficulties, sit down NOW and make a budget, cut out the wants and only leave the necessities. Is that still not working for you? Look for other opportunities in making some extra cash, there are tons of things you can do, for one thing, start getting ready for a yard sale.

Take action, face your fears head on and dominate them. Taking action will prevent any doubt and put you back in command of your life. Doesn’t it feel great to be in power of your life? Change will come, but no one can make the changes for you. Only you have control over you, and only you can make those changes.

The next time you feel like you’re wedged between a rock and a hard place, take action and push that damn rock out of your way. You’ll regain control and start taking the imperative steps you need to address whatever challenge you may be facing. Until next time my friends, live life, take action and NEVER allow life to live you.. allow you to live life!

Yours Truly,

The 411 Addict